#Fix: Add second semester for Radon Test kits without adding the aditional price-SOLVED.
#Style: Some fixes on mobile version of RadonMarket.
#Retired: By introducing the RMList the Wishlist feature is retired. We are sorry for losing her but so excited about the new feature. Good luck Wishlist on your next journey.
#New: Introducing RMList (RadonMarket List). The RMList feature on allows you to place the same or similar order multiple times without having to navigate the product catalog repeatedly in order to place identical (or similar) orders at different times.
#Tweak: The product pages will have three products on each row, which make enough space for three of them!
#Style: Currency symbol for product prices.
#Update: The Italian translation for Airthings home page is updated.
#New: The logo of courier companies (GLS & TNT) added to the chakout page and footer for both languages.
#Fix: Shipping conditions for the UK.
#Style: RadonEye by FTLab home Page redesigned.
#Style: RadonEye (R200) & (R200P2) single page have beautiful pictures and complete descriptions.
#Update: The Italian translation for RadonEye (R200) & (R200P2) single product pages are updated.
#Fix: Special product categories were visible to the public in the single product pages.
#Update: General backend update codes and remove bugs!
#Fix: Correction the delivery time of the “Misurazione Radon-Kit da 10 Rivelatori-CR39” to Italy.
#Update: RadonMarket Mag 20.02 is now available.
#New: RadonMarket Mag has her own page. Available at hamburger menu for desktop.
#New: A new hamburger menu added to the desktop version of RadonMarket (for both Italian and English). The new features like RadonSoftwares and Fastorders will have a nice and comfy home.

#Style: Redesign the “reset password” page.
#New: RadonSoftware-Now all the softwares are on a unique page. Make it easier to download and update the software links.
#Tweak: Now, all products with software or app are linked to the RadonSoftware page.
#Style: Product tabs are now more visible with a gray background and border.
#Tweak: Menus are updated to give a better user experience.
#Fix: Fix the left widget in the product page
#New: New feature called FastOrder added to the website to make more accessible the wholesale option.

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